A Focus on Bouldering: One Year Later

This week is one year since I got a membership at the local climbing gym and really focused on my own fitness and measuring my progress. You can see how my metrics waved over the past year. I’m down 20 lbs. Size 36 to 32 waist size pants. Large to Small shirts. There were periods where I was very frustrated with the weight starting to plateau or pick back up. There were days at the gym where I felt like I completely stalled out on making progress on routes. The important thing to focus on is the overall trends and working on technique. After all, I was committing myself to 3 days a week. Everyday can’t be your best.

Today is a red point competition at the gym that I’m competing in. This is where I’ll get to see where I rank with others. When I first started, I struggled to make my way through most V1 bouldering routes. V2 difficulty routes just laughed at me. V3 felt like an impossible dream.

When I sent my first V3, I was shaking from the adrenaline. I came close to missing a hold and my muscles were exhausted. The final hold was so close and I some how made it. I felt like a super human. That’s when I realized I really could do the impossible.

Weight down 20 lbs, Body fat down about 3.8%, Muscle Mass up about 3.5%