Putting them on

  • My heel is locked in these shoes.
  • My toes, however, are on top of one another…
  • I feel like a toddler learning how to walk in these.
  • I’m ready to take on anything.

On the wall

  • Interesting how the shoe flexes and moves as you put weight onto it.
  • This rubber is sticky.
  • I’m going to have to relearn how to balance on the wall.
  • Every toe has been forced into submission in service of this shoe.
  • The amount of power I can press into a chip on the underside of this overhang is simply incredible.
  • This pain reminds me of being on pointe. Not a memory I was hoping to relive. (Ed. note, April is the only one that has been on pointe)
  • The platform stability that these shoes offer just gave me the cleanest send on this route.
  • Every landing has a chance to win a rolled ankle.
  • What was I thinking when I decided to walk in these? (Ed. note, April’s made this fateful walk)

Off the wall

  • You don’t remove these shoes, you peel them.
  • My toes are screaming “Freedom!” (Ed. note, April noted how much better her toes felt)
  • Frank Herbert got the Pain Box wrong. It is not a box at all. It is a new pair of aggressive stance climbing shoes.
  • Every time you put your foot back in, it does get easier.
  • My toes feel like they just got Thanos snapped.

The next hour

  • The Phalanges Formerly Known as My Toes are just now coming back to life.
  • When can I get back into those shoes?

La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoes and or Torture Devices

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