• Smokin’

  • Some real dedication to carve this one.

  • Better run!

  • I like the idea of the Kolude Keyboard with a USB-C hub built in for the iPad Pro. I just don’t think the numpad is necessary. Still, would be neat to have with a dock for the iPad Pro.

  • Pro: I’m productive with my sunrise shots. Con: This was another 5 am awakening.

  • A few more from yesterday morning after finding time to process them.

  • For all you birders out there, important rules on the use of ‘birb’. www.audubon.org/news/when…

  • Me: It’s 5am..

    Brain: Yeah, well, I’m ready

    Me: I’m not

    Brain: But there could be dawn pictures out there

    Me: Ugh, fine. Let’s go.

  • Beautiful sunny day At Intracoastal

    Left: The Yard Blueberry Pancake Milkshake Double IPA This can’t possibly be an IPA. Smooth IPA with sweetness given from the blueberries and maple syrup. 8.2%

    Right: Starfruit Wheat Sweet starfruit notes with the weight of a wheat beer. 5.8%

  • Sent in my entires for the Pelican Island Wildlife Photography Competition. First competiton I’ve entered anything into!

  • The Greek Festival isn’t a festival with a little bit of Greek dancing and singing.

  • I just wanted one cup of coffee this morning. Couldn’t find the kcup insert for the single serve side of the machine. What a disappointment!

  • “Hot Dog Dynasty” gets me every time I see it.

  • A: “We need to find you a hip hop class.” C: “Yeah, I’m going to hip that hop!”

  • Downtown in the evening

  • I love the space created between the judges and the competitor.

  • I’ve started to become more interested in learning how to modify Fujifilm film simulation profiles to get different films. This faded film simulation is incredibly creative. It uses the double exposure feature to force the fade onto the first exposure.

  • Opposed

  • Cool nights under the stars

  • Colton and I started playing Pokemon Shield tonight. He’s been so excited to play through his fist Pokemon game, even if I have to read through all the dialog in weird voices. 🎮

  • Rest

  • One is interested in food. The other, drink.

  • One of my favorite routes that requires quite a bit of balance.

    Me, balancing on a route, about to reach for the next hold.

  • I’m so used to listening to Morning Edition in the shower during the week that Saturday mornings are jarring. That music is a little too much for 7 AM.

  • The warm morning sun

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